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Help Me With My Menu!

It is More Scientific Than You Might Think


There is more logic and reason behind your menu offerings than most companies realize.  The food offerings are a crucial element of a restaurant’s competitive advantage, growth positioning, and long term financial health.


Smart program development has never been more important. We carefully craft menu selections that deliver the“WOW” in flavor and visual appeal. These flavorful considerations are balanced with targeted food cost, profit contribution and an eye for consistent execution.  Your success is our success.


Equally as important is how the menu is priced, costed, and presented,  And nothing, nothing is more important than consistency in execution which is why you cannot forget the recipes!


Every Ingredient Matters

3 cups


3 cups


Menu Costing

The Main Menu


Inventory Systems

1½ cups




85Menu Design

What we do:

Develop menu for the concept;, design & engineering; layout; Weight menu PMIX to optimize kitchen flow


Up to 30 items- $3,000

30 to 75 items- $4,250

75 to 100 items- $5,250

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)



Recipes and Costing

What we do:

Create ingredients and MOPs for all menu items; Cost each recipe; Price for desired profitability

Items costing $25.50 per item

Item Recipes $75.00 per item

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)


The most cost effective way to get everything your food program needs!

All 3 of the Above Modules 


up to 30 menu items- $5,500

30 to 75 items- $7,500

75 to 100 items- $9,000

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)



Inventory Management Systems

What we do:

Set-up & optimize third party systems; Create internal inventory programs; Cost Analysis, Category Loss; Trend Analysis

Initial Set-up- $2,500

Monthly Inventories- $750 to $4,500 based on on-hand

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)

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