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Crunching the Numbers

It Can Be Easier Than It Seems


The most important part of this function is knowing where to look, how to spot the patterns.  At HRG we draw on our years of financial and P & L experience to create a comprehensive, unique approach to discovering financial irregularities.


Once we identify the areas of deficiency or irregularity, HRG creates, and is available to implement, a detailed financial roadmap to get you to your goals.


Our services include:



Concept Assessment

P&L Analysis

Pro Forma measurements

Corporate Restructuring

Forms and Compliance

Debt Relief Strategies

Bookkeeping Analysis

Food & Beverage Program Cost Structuring

A/P and A/R processing analysis

Payroll Tax Scrutiny

Workman's Comp Accountability

SUT Accountability


The bottom line, if it is out of line we fix it!




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