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Help Me Create a Beverage Program!

Sure Tasting Wine and Booze is Fun But.......


There is more to creating a unique cocktail and wine program than just tasting wine and liquor and adding what you like.  Wine lists need to be scientifically balanced and priced, and cocktail programs need depth and breadth.  Both need to enhance and support your concept, not detract from it. 


Smart program development has never been more important. We carefully craft wine and cocktail selections that deliver the“WOW” in flavor and visual appeal just as we make them easy for the staff to execute.. These offerings are balanced with targeted liquor cost, profit contribution and proper fit for your marketplace. 


Equally as important is how the menu is priced, costed, and presented,  And nothing, nothing is more important than consistency in execution which is why you cannot forget the recipes! (yes this is repeated from the food page!  It is equally true with a beverage program.


Every Component Matters

3 cups


3 cups


Menu Costing

The List


Inventory Systems

1½ cups



Wine list.jpg
Wine List Award.jpg


Cocktail and Wine List Design

What we do:

Develop lists to fit the concept;, design & engineering; layout; Optimize lists to hit "sweet" spots


Craft Cocktails

$5 each

10 item cocktail list- $40


Wine List

up to 35 wines- $225

35 - 75 wines- $400

75 - 150 wines- $700

150 to 300 wines- $1,250

300 to 500 wines- $2,500

Over 500- $5,000

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)


Award-winning Wine List Design

What we do:

Our experienced team has created numerous award-winning lists!  Let us create one for you! Guaranteed!



One Glass- $1,000 surcharge

Two Glass- $2,000 surcharge

Three Glass- $3,000 surcharge

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)



Recipes and Costing

What we do:

Create ingredients and MOPs for all cocktail items; Cost each recipe; Price for desired profitability


$3.00 per item

$3.00 per craft cocktail

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)

Drinking is More Fun Than Work

We can do the whole program for you while you relax!

All of the Above Modules (excluding the Award Package) with 10 Craft cocktails and a 150 bottle wine list  and:


up to 75 liquors- $950

75 or more liquors- $1,250

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)



Inventory Management Systems

What we do:

Set-up & optimize third party systems; Create internal inventory programs; Cost Analysis, Category Loss; Trend Analysis

Initial Set-up- $750

Monthly Inventories- $350 to $1,500 based on on-hand

*prices per unit

(multi-unit discounts available)

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